2015 – Gloria & Fran Vivier


photo-vivierGloria & Francis Vivier 

Gloria and Fran have given freely and often of their time to both square dancing and their own community. They learned to square dance in New York in 1978. Their dancing was interrupted briefly when they moved to Massachusetts but they soon became charter members of the Bay State Travelers, a camping chapter of the National Square Dance Campers Association. They became active members of the Chic-Mates Square Dance Club serving as Special Activities Chairs and Presidents for the 1990/91 season,


In the early 1990’s the Viviers drove more than 200 miles round trip every Sunday for 2 ½ months so Gloria could attend a caller school. Since then she has attended several additional schools, started her own club and has been an active supporter of several callers’ associations. Gloria is a member of CALLERLAB. She also was given a grant by CALLERLB to try to establish a square dance class on a college campus.


The Viviers have worked on the committee for the New England Square Dance Convention when it has been in their area and they chaired the 2006 and 2007 New England Conventions in Springfield, MA. They have been active members and officers of many organizations. These include the Chic-Mates Club, The Western Mass Square and Round Dance Association, and both the Springfield Area Callers Association and the Connecticut Callers Association.


In addition to their square dance involvement the Viviers have been active supporters of their community. They work for the Granby Council of Aging, The Pioneer Valley Hospice Association and the Girl Scouts and Brownies. Fran is a member of the Elks Lodge and the Lions Club.


The Yankee Clipper Award Committee is pleased to recognize this long history of service with the presentation of the 2015 Yankee Clipper Award.


Presented April 25, 2015 in Concord, New Hampshire

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