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Eddie & Audrey Palmquist August 26, 1996

Bob Brundage:  Okay, well, this is Bob Brundage again, uh, it’s been some time since we’ve made any last recordings, and today we traveled out to, uh, California.  We’re in Laguna Hills in a very delightful community called, uh, Leisure World.  And we’re talking to Eddie and Audrey Palmquist who are, uh, recipients of the Silver Halo Award, and we want to find out.  We’ve had a very pleasant conversation so far talking about all kinds of different things, and it’s interesting how you two ever got together, so let’s start with you Eddie and tell us about where you were born and brought up.  I think you said Salt Lake City.


Eddie Palmquist: Yes.  I was born and brought up in Salt Lake until I was 15 and then I drove my family out here to California, and we were established here.


Audrey Palmquist:   Well I think, Eddie, you should say that you did actually drive your family.


BB:  There you go.


AP:   And how many were in the family that you drove.


BB:  Oh.


EP:   Yes.  There were, well, I can’t, I don’t have to name all, but we . . .


AP:   How many in the car, approximately.


EP:   Uh, we had, uh, oh, let’s see . . .


BB:  Laughter.


EP:   One, two, three, four five, six, seven, eight, about 9 . . .


BB:  Oh, wow.


EP:   Nine packed in this car . . .


BB:  Yeah.


EP:   And came to California, and we camped along the way.  And, uh, we had quite a trip.  It took us 3 months.


BB:  Is that so.


EP:   And we were stuck in the desert with a broken down car.



BB:  Uh.


EP:   And anyway, we arrived in California (clock chimes) and, uh, my life was sort of uneventful for a while.