Called Square Dances

Below you will find square dance tips called by various national and regional callers.  They are listed alphabetical.

If there is any particular caller you would like to hear, and he/she is not listed, drop me an email and If we have a digital of that caller, I’ll post it on this web page.  We do have called square dances  from over 100 callers.

Johnny Wedge

ARMSTRONG, DON 1960-05 Don calls Patter.

ARMSTRONG, DON 1960-09 Don calls singing call "My Adobe Hacienda".

BALDWIN, CHARLIE 1959-01 Charlie calls a patter at the Square Riggers SDC featuring the "Grand Square".

BALDWIN, CHARLIE 1959-02 Charlie calls singing call "Zippety Do Dah".

BALDWIN, CHARLIE 1959-03 Charlie calls patter featuring "Forward Six And Back".

BALDWIN, CHARLIE 1959-04 Charlie calls singing call "Ace In The Hole".

BALDWIN, CHARLIE 1959-08 Charlie calls a patter featuring "Square Thru".

BALDWIN, CHARLIE 1959-09 Charlie calls singing call "Sweet Jennie Lee".

BRUNDAGE, AL & THE PIONEER TRIO 1951-01 Al's Band plays "Mountain Rag". Click here for documents explaining these recordings.

BRUNDAGE, AL & THE PIONEER TRIO 1951-02 Al calls patter featuring Duck & Dive.

BRUNDAGE, AL & THE PIONEER TRIO 1951-03 Al's band plays "Wagoner".

BRUNDAGE, AL & THE PIONEER TRIO 1951-04 Al calls patter featuring Wagonwheel.

BRUNDAGE, AL & THE PIONEER TRIO 1951-05 Al's band plays "Old Joe Clark".

BRUNDAGE, AL & THE PIONEER TRIO 1951-06 Al calls Singing Call "Wabash Cannonball".

BRUNDAGE, AL & THE PIONEER TRIO 1951-07 Al calls patter featuring "Texas Star".

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