2007 – El & Doris Pillsbury (MA)

October 12, 2007

 Acton, Massachusetts


We are here today to present the Local Legend Award to El & Doris Pillsbury who have given many years of dedicated service to this dance community.


The LOCAL LEGEND AWARD was established to honor those individuals and couples who have advanced the goals of the SQUARE DANCE FOUNDATION OF NEW ENGLAND by their actions within their local areas over the years.  The goals are the promotion, preservation and perpetuation of the square and round dance activity.


 El and Doris Pillsbury, by their spirit and dedication, have exemplified the true meaning of leadership in the Square and Round Dance Community.  El and Doris are founding members of the Square Wheelers Square Dance Club of Acton, Massachusetts.  They have served in numerous capacities on the Square Wheelers’ board of directors, including President, Secretary, and the club historian. El & Doris have assisted the club wherever and whenever asked, from placing the clubs dance signs on the streets to participating in countless demonstrations and even an advertising film for the local cable television. 


El and Doris have Angeled every new class since the club was formed.  This couple may well be titled the heart and soul of the Square Wheelers.  They have both been instrumental in the promotion and continuation of Square Dancing in Acton by their example and leadership qualities.


Not only are El and Doris committed to Square Dancing, they are equally committed to their community.  Both have served the town of Acton and it’s people with twenty-five years as volunteers for the Meals on Wheels program.   Additionally, they have served many years with the Acton Voter Registration and Election Poles.


The Square Dance Community is extremely fortunate to have couples and individuals, like the Pillsbury’s, who give so generously of their time and talents to support and perpetuate the legacy of square and round dancing in New England.  So, it is with great pleasure that we give this year’s Local Legend Award to El and Doris Pillsbury of the Square Wheelers Square Dance Club of Acton, Massachusetts.


With heartfelt appreciation and gratitude,




Bob and Barbara Graybill

Local Legend Committee Chairman

of the Square Dance Foundation of New England 

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