2019 – Deblois Dale

Dale Deblois
SDFNE Local Legend Award June 22, 2019

The LOCAL LEGEND AWARD was established to honor those individuals and couples who have advanced the goals of the SQUARE DANCE FOUNDATION OF NEW ENGLAND by their actions within their local areas. These goals are the Promotion, Preservation and Perpetuation of the square and round dance activity.
Dale Deblois has been dancing with the Country Corner Squares for 21 years. He was encouraged by good friends, Joe & Shirley Goss, to come for lessons and he loved it. His early dancing experience had been in 7th & 8th grade like many of us. Anne Woods became his dance partner in 2003. As a club member, he has participated in all types of club activities over the years; parades, demonstrations, picnics, banner raids, social get-togethers and always class nights and Country Corner Squares dances. Dale is the Banner Raid planner, setting up the gathering place & time, and leading friends to the dance location. These trips may or may not include a meal on the way or a snack on the way back. Dale organizes the social gatherings after weekly dance classes at McDonalds, first in St. Johnsbury and then in Lyndonville. When asked about his tasks in the club, Dale says he does “what needs doing”. He puts out dance signs, totes in and totes out materials for dances, he helps set up chairs and tables, helps take them down and sweeps the floor.
Dale & Anne began taking Round Dance lessons from Doc & Peg Tirrell and they’ve continued with Barbara Connelly for a total of 13 years. They are most often found in the round dance circle. They have traveled around the United States to visit family and friends mentioning specifically Kansas, Florida and Arizona. Both recalled square dancing to hymns in Kansas.
Dale is friendly, outgoing and encouraging. You need only to watch Dale with friends to recognize his love of people and his commitment to dancing and social FUN. He is always recruiting new dancers – even at the laundromat. Dale is full of jokes, some of them are funny and some are even funnier. Oh, yes, and ask him about his cat Nick that is trained like a dog.
Prior to his dance life, Dale attended St. Johnsbury Trade School and after graduation, went to work at Raytheon, the electronics and aeronautics specialists in Waltham, MA for 40+ years. He is proud to say that he participated in the construction of what became the Patriot Missile. He also spent time going to college nights obtaining three degrees Bachelors in Business Administration, Associate in Mechanical Engineering & Bachelor of Science. Was a police officer on the Waltham Police Force, a member of The Blue Knights Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club and as a member of White Mountain Motorcycle Club for many years.
Dale sings weekly with a small group of gentlemen at nursing homes, adult day-care facilities and meal sites. He is a member of the 1st Congregationalist Church of St. Johnsbury Center where he is a deacon, trustee, teaches Sunday School and works with the Youth Group. He is also at this time, President of the Cemetery Association.
The Square Dance Foundation of New England in its efforts toward Preservation, Promotion and Perpetuation of Square & Round Dance is honored to present its Local Legend Award to Dale Deblois.
With heartfelt appreciation and gratitude,
Bud & Judy Clifford, SDFNE Awards Chairman

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