2013 – Barbara & John Miller (MA)

The LOCAL LEGEND AWARD was established to honor those individuals and couples who have advanced the goals of the SQUARE DANCE FOUNDATION OF NEW ENGLAND by their actions within their local areas. These goals are the promotion, preservation, and perpetuation of the square and round dance activity.

For the past couple of years, I have been digitizing the records of EDSARDA, the Eastern District Square and Round Dance Association. In the process, I have been privileged to learn about the dedication and service to the square dance movement in New England of many, many dancers, callers and cuers. The names of two dancers literally jumped out at me when I read their names. On February 26th, 1978, the then EDSARDA President, Vera Smith, introduced the new Directory Chairmen, John and Barbara Miller. John and Barbara continued in this position until sometime in the late 80’s. However, they only moved one chair over to take on the EDSARDA Membership Committee. Barbara continues to this day in that position. Can you imagine, 36 years serving EDSARDA and the dancers of New England! Not only serving as Committee Chairmen, John and Barbara served EDSARDA on their Nominating Committee, as CO-OP Delegates and any other commitment asked of them.
John and Barbara Miller, by their spirit and dedication, exemplify the meaning of leadership in the Square and Round Dance Community.
I would like to give a special recognition to Barbara. Thru the best and worst of times, she kept her head up and has always moved forward. During all the years of John’s difficulties, Barbara was always there, taking care of him, keeping him involved, and still maintaining and completing the tasks and responsibilities they had taken on.
The Square Dance Community is extremely fortunate to have couples and individuals, like the Millers, who give so generously of their time and talents to support and perpetuate the legacy of square and round dancing in New England. is with great pleasure that we give this year’s Local Legend Award to John and Barbara Miller of the Fairs’ N Squares Square Dance Club and the Eastern District Square and Round Dance Association.

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