2010 – Arlo & Norma Burns (NH)

We are here tonight to present the Local Legend Award to Arlo and Norma Burns who have been promoting square dancing for 18 consecutive years. The Local Legend Award was established to honor those couples and individuals who have advanced the goals of the Square Dance Foundation of New England, Inc. over the years, within their local areas. Promotion, Preservation and Perpetuation are the goals.
Both Norma and Arlo were born in New London, New Hampshire. They married on November 20, 1963. Their marriage was blessed with the addition of two wonderful sons.
Since 1992, Arlo and Norma hav enhanced the lives of dancers and prospective dancers by the unfailing enthusiasm and support for the dance activity and their “one and only” square dance club, the Bradford Country Squares. For 15 years they have opened and closed, cleaned, and set up the hall for classes. At each class they have “angeled” and made each future dancer feel welcomed. We believe this makes them “Arch Angels”.
In addition, they were also instrumental in arranging a Square Dance Day in Year 2007 at Kearsarge High School, where several classes participated in a modern western square dance. It was a successful, fun day.
As responsible members of their square dance club, Arlo and Norma volunteered to take an officer position. At one point they were Vice President of the Bradford Country Squares. They also served as the Banner Chairman, whose job is arranging Banner Raids, and they assumed the responsibility of Co-ordinator’s Duties. The Burns have done this for several years. They are frequest volunteers or the Refreshment Committee and Hall Openings for their club’s regular dances. By all these efforts, Arlo and Norma have enriched the square dance experience for many square and round dancers who attend Bradford Country Squares’ dances.
They are also members of the Twirling Campers of Vermont, and were part of the group who started Mont Shire Campin Squares, a Vermont and New Hampshire Club, Chapter 188 of the National Square Dance Campers Association where they held the office of Vice President, which includes the hiring of the Callers & Cuers. Frequently on Sunday mornings, Norma and Arlo can be found behind the griddle cooking breakfast for the campers. They love and enjoy their “camp and dance” times.
The Burns organize and work for the Sutton Congregational Church which annually includes putting on the Roast Beef Fund Raising Supper. Norma is involved with many of the other church functions, especially in the running of the Sunday School.
In 2009, they purchased a sound enhancement system. It includes a transmitter and 4 receivers. They use 2 receivers for themselves, and make available 2 receivers for anyone else to use at classes, workshops, or at dances. Arlo and Norma take the system with them to other clubs’ dances, and make it known that there are 2 receivers available for anyone to use. If anyone wants to hear better at a dance, just ask the Burns about their improved hearing experience. They are always willing to help, with a smile, whenever there is a need.
It is with great pleasure that the Square Dance Foundation of New England, Inc. presents this year’s Local Legend Award to Arlo and Norma Burns.

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