1979 – Fairs ‘N’ Squares SDC

photo-fairsnsquaresSquare & Round Dance Club

The Fairs ‘N’ Squares were formally organized in the spring of 1962.  They have been a viable organization for 17 years.  The club has supplied good leadership to umbrella square dance Organizations.  They sponsored, for thirteen years, the Massachusetts Presidents Seminar Ball and Dance.  The Seminar for thirteen years has been an effective Leadership Training ground.  For several years they co-sponsored the “Big Pru” dance in Boston, which acted as a catalyst toward interesting the general public in learning to Square Dance.  The club has been generous in sharing their expertise and information with other clubs, thus helping the growth of the square dance club movement.

To insure a proper place to dance, they have spent much money and hard work, to improve a hall owned by the town of Framingham. Each year they give a scholarship to a worthy High School Student, of their choice.  At Christmastime, the club sponsors a dance, the proceeds of which are generally given to the Sa1vationArmy for the needy.

The background of the Fairs ‘N Squares, Framingham, MA regarding service to square dancers and organizations, service to their community, coupled with all their other attributes and contributions surely makes the club worthy of a Yankee Clipper Award.

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