2000 – Ron & Goldie Clifford

Photo CliffordSquare Dance Leaders

Ron and Goldie Clifford have worked tirelessly for the good of Square Dancing in New England for the past 17 years.

They graduated from a class sponsored by the Square Riggers in 1981, and have angeled at nearly every class since then. They are truly committed members of their club having served as Club Presidents. They have been members of the Executive Board since 1984 and have supported almost every club dance since graduation and participated in over 400 club visitations to other area clubs.

Ron and Goldie’s participation as leaders extends far beyond their own club. They have served as Vice-Presidents and Presidents of EDSARDA and delegates to the CO-OP Committee. They have been Chairmen of the Convention Guidelines Committee and served as Project Coordinators for the 40th and 41st New England Square and Round Dance Conventions. They have also actively supported the Square Dance Foundation of New England and were inducted into the Foundations Hall of Fame in 1999.

The Clifford’s have not sought recognition but have given freely of their time and talent because of their love of the activity.

The New England Square & Round Dance Cooperation Committee, acting on behalf of the Square Dancers of New England, is proud to present the Yankee Clipper Award to Ron and Goldie Clifford.

GIVEN AT MANCHESTER, NEW HAMPSHIRE                                                     APRIL 29, 2000

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