1992 – *Joe & Jean Hartka

photo-hartkaSquare Dance Leaders

If an activity such as ours is to prosper, it is imperative that we have people who are willing, and able, to accept the mantle of Leadership.

Joe and Jean Hartka have done this in a manner above and beyond that which one might expect. They have been involved as leaders in the Square Dance activity for over fifteen years.

They have served as officers and committee chairmen of their home club, the Skirts and Flirts of Wilmington, MA and as Presidents of the North Shore Square and Round Dance Association, (NSSARDA). They are currently serving as the Historians of this organization.

Joe and Jean have also been Presidents of the Eastern District Square and Round Dance Association, (EDSARDA) and have been Delegates to the Cooperation Committee for several years.

They have been staunch supporters of the Square Dance Foundation of New England, serving on the Board of Directors and as Permanent Clerk. They are also involved in Leadership at the national level as trustees to Legacy.

Their willingness to serve as committee chairmen, seminar leaders and officers of the many organizations in which they are involved certainly points out their commitment to the Square Dance Community.

The Square and Round Dance Community is proud to present Joe and Jean Hartka with the Yankee Clipper Award.

34th New England Square & Round Dance Convention

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