1998 – *Hal & *Doris Holmes

Square Dance Leaders

Involved on both sides of the mike, as dancers and caller/cuer, Hal & Doris Holmes have given unselfishly of their time, efforts and talents in promoting the many facets of our square dance activity.

As folk dancers, Hal and Doris were introduced to square dancing, while living in New Jersey, in 1956. Shortly after Hal was urged to try calling and was soon doing one niters for local churches and other groups. In the early 1960’s Doris took round dance lessons so they could add this facet of the activity to their square dance classes. Though Hal became involved in teaching and calling, they continued to dance at clubs throughout the northern New Jersey area.

Upon their retirement they moved to Vermont and became involved with exhibitions at nursing homes, fairs and Granges. Hal taught square dancing to the fifth and sixth graders at school and worked with 4-H.

Hal attended caller schools in Colorado, Michigan, Massachusetts and New Hampshire, and used his experience and knowledge to assist several callers getting started in New Jersey and Vermont. Doris taught and cued rounds for the Hazen Squares in Hardwick, Vermont. She helped and encouraged others wishing to become involved as Round Dance Leaders.

The Holmes’s were charter members of the Callers Council of New Jersey. They were members of the Green Mountain Callers Association and served as Secretary and President. They served as Publicity Chairmen for the 1983/1984 New England Square & Round Dance Convention held in Burlington, Vermont. They are honorary members of the Vermont Association of Round Dance Leaders and served as Secretaries for five years. They are also honorary members of NECORTA, the New England Council of Round Dance Teachers Associations.

Doris, serving as a volunteer at The Copley Hospital in Morrisville, had by 1995 amassed 3,358 hours of service.

She also was a volunteer at the local library and for AT&T Pioneers. For several years she was involved calling “house­bound” members on behalf of the Episcopal Church where she and Hal were members.

Hal and Doris were leaders who led by example of love, caring and sharing. Their generosity and dedication to the Square & Round Dance Activity has been matched by few.

In presenting this award the Cooperation Committee, acting on behalf of the dancers of New England recognizes the generosity and dedication you have given to the Square & Round Dance activity.


Given at Danvers, Massachusetts                                                                                  April 25, 1998


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