1981 – Joe & Phyllis Casey

photo-caseySquare Dance Caller & Teacher

It has been said that one of the greatest pleasures of Square Dancing is the friendships that are formed and the meeting of wonderful people who might not otherwise have been encountered. Nowhere has this been better demonstrated than by being associated with Joe and Phyllis Casey, Dover, New Hampshire.

The Casey’s started dancing in 1949 with Traditional New England type of the activity and moved later in the 1950’s to the growing style of club dancing with its contemporary figures and styling.

About thirty years ago Joe began teaching and calling square dances and has been the only club caller the OuId Towne Squares have had in their twenty-two years as a club. Joe is one of the few callers who can, and does, cue rounds.

Joe and Phyllis have been members of the Tri-State Callers Association since its formation and have served in every office, some more than once. Joe was one of the original members of the New England Council of Callers Associations and has been one of its most energetic members. Joe served as Vice-Chairman of the New England Square and Round Dance Cooperation Committee for a number of years and has been Chairman of this Committee since June 1974.

The number of times that the Casey’s have rendered “Distinguished Service to Square and Round Dancing in New Englandare too numerous to recall fully. In addition to the calling associations, the Casey’s have spent countless hours working for the many New England Conventions – every one since they have been in operation – Legacy, CALLERLAB, the Square Dance Foundation of New England and other activities that aid the square dance fellowship.

In making this Award the square and round dance community says “Thank You” in a small way to one of its most helpful couples.

Given at Worcester, Massachusetts

April 25, 1981

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