1980 – *Dick & *Evelyn Doyle

photo-doyleSquare Dance Caller & Teacher

Dick and Evelyn Doyle were a part of the revival of square dancing and were pioneers in the club movement.  They were, and are, great square dancers.  Dick is a caller, and they are round dance teachers.

Dick started calling in 1949 and studied the art of calling for several years.  In 1951, he organized a square dance orchestra.  Early in his s/d career, he and Evelyn took a great interest in rounds.

Dick Doyle was one of the original incorporators of the New England Caller.  He has done record reviews, and for seventeen years, has been the Caller Round Dance Editor.  He organized the Roundaliers R/D Club in 1954.  He was the first caller at Bay Path Barn, June 1955.  He taught the first class which became the Wenham Shindiggers in 1956.  He organized the Blue Hill Promenaders, which for many years, was the Mecca for new square dance material and new rounds.

The Doyle’s were charter members of the Old Colony Callers Association.  Dick has called at five national conventions and has served on the round dance staff.  In 1960, Dick was calling and cueing for seven clubs on a regular basis in addition to calling regularly at Bay Path Barn and Allen’s Homestead.  For twenty two years, prior to 1979, Dick and Evelyn traveled to Sturbridge Village form December to March.  They called, cued and danced for the “Public House” guests at Sturbridge Village.  In 1961, Dick organized the “Mayflower Festival”, for round dancers, with the help of Bob Marsh.

            Dick has served as President of Old Colony Callers Association, and Dick and Evelyn have joined in the effort to raise funds for Cystic Fibrosis.  Dick is currently teaching Senior Citizens in Wellesley and Newton.  There is more, but space does not permit a full listing.

The Doyle’s are truly a deserving couple to be honored with the Yankee Clipper Award.

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