2008 – Bud & Judy Clifford

photo-cliffordbSquare Dance Leaders

Judy & Bud Clifford have been square dancing for several decades. Their introduction to the modern form of this activity brought them to their first New England Convention in Burlington, Vermont in 1983. They have been very active participants ever since.


The Cliffords soon became delegates to the Vermont Association of Western Style Square Dance Clubs. Recently they again received the “Good Neighbor” badge that is given by the association to couples who visit nearly all of the member clubs each year. It was their tenth. In spite of the demands of running their dairy farm near the Canadian border the Cliffords have been leaders in several square dance organizations throughout New England.


Bud & Judy are Life Members of the Square Dance Foundation of New England, delegates to the Cooperation Committee, and regular participants at the “Big E” demonstrations of square dancing. In 1997 they chaired the Vermont State Square and Round Dance Convention. In 2000 they became presidents of the Vermont association.


The next year they were appointed chairs of the 46th and 47th New England Square and Round Dance Conventions after persuading the Cooperation Committee that Brattleboro, Vermont would provide a good location for the Convention. They have been actively involved in New England Square and Round Dancing ever since even though they travel further than any other delegates to reach the meetings that they attend regularly. All this they do and much more. This citation could never include all they have contributed to square dancing and to their community.


The Yankee Clipper Award Committee is pleased to recognize this long history of service with the presentation of the 2008 Yankee Clipper Award.


Presented April 26, 2008 in Sturbridge, Massachusetts


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