2002 – Ralph & Joan Collipi

photo-collipiRound dance Cuers & Teachers

Ralph and Joan Collipi have contributed to the New England Square and Round Dance activity as leaders and teachers of both dancers and future teachers.

Ralph and Joan started Square Dancing in 1967, Round Dancing in 1969 and teaching and cueing in 1972. The Collipi’s known internationally, have remained involved in our New England activity.

Ralph and Joan are presently Chairman of ACCORD (Area Coordinating Council of Round Dancing) and have held every office in that organization, as well as Program Chairmen for fifteen of the ACCORD Festivals.

They served as members of the NECORTA (New England Council of Round Dance Teachers Association), Round Dance Screening Committee for fifteen years and have been Chairmen of six NECORTA Clinics. Ralph and Joan are staff writers for both The Northeast Square Dancer and The American Square Magazines.

The Collipi’s have hosted Round-E-Vous weekends twice a year for the past fifteen years featuring well known National Round Dance Leaders. They have been and are scheduled to be on staff at weekends and festivals in Canada, Europe and Mexico as well as in thirty-eight states including Alaska.

Their expertise as teachers and leaders has been recognized world wide. They have taught and been clinicians at our New England Convention, the National Convention, ROUNDALAB and Universal Round Dance Council Conventions.

Ralph and Joan were co-founders of the East Coast Round Dance Leaders College in 1992. Since then they have graduated leaders from throughout the United States, Canada, Germany and Japan.

They are past Chairman of ROUNDALAB and are members of the Executive Board. They are also members of the Board of Directors of the Universal Round Dance Council and the Dixie Round Dance Council.

Ralph and Joan received ROUNDALAB’s Maestro Award denoting over twenty-five years of service to the activity and were presented with ROUNDALAB’s prestigious Silver Circle Award in the year 2000.

They have choreographed over one hundred Round Dances, many of which are still danced world wide as well as being used at this convention.

Ralph and Joan have two children and three grandchildren. The Collipi’s retired from AT&T in 1991. Ralph was an Accounting Analyst Manager and Joan served as a Purchase Agent. Ralph is an active member of the Elks and both have been active members of their church.

The New England Square & Round Dance Cooperation Committee, acting on behalf of the Square and Round Dancers of New England is proud to present the Yankee Clipper Award to Ralph and Joan Collipi.

GIVEN AT STURBRIDGE, MASSACHUSETTS                                                                                       APRIL 27, 2002

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