2003 – Stan & Cathie Burdick (NY)

Square Dance Caller & Teacher

Stan and Cathie Burdick have traveled 2,000,000 miles teaching and promoting their favorite activity–square and round dancing. They have authored and published several square dance books and published as well the works of many others. Cathie has written many editorials, several of which have generated much discussion within the square dance movement, such as one calling for a moratorium on new calls and another discussing the acceptance of the prairie skirt as square dance attire. Stan has called in all 50 states, all ten Canadian provinces, and in 20 countries abroad. He has lectured some 56 times at National Square Dance Conventions while Cathie has participated in at least 35 panel discussions. They have conducted 20 tours and cruises world-wide. Stan has held 203 weekend clinics and seminars as well as 58 week-long caller schools. During his career, he has taught 515 callers.


Stan is a free lance cartoonist best known for his character, Do-Ci-Do Dolores, who has been making all the wrong moves on the dance floor for many years. He is the director of the Hague Cartoon Museum, Hague, NY, which he established in 1998.


Stan and Cathie have introduced square and round dancing to countless people. For their outstanding and tireless lifelong work, the SDFNE is very grateful and proud to induct them into the New England Hall of Fame.


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