2002 – “Happy” Hal Petschke (CT)

Square Dance Caller & Teacher

“Happy Hal” Petschke began his square dance calling career in 1967. He organized the Five Villages Square Dance Club in East Windsor, Connecticut. This club provided dancing for adult couples, teens, and pre-teens. He also organized a square dance club in Andover, Connecticut and was the guest caller for many clubs throughout New England.


In 1975, Hal began organizing square dance clubs for senior citizens – twelve in all. He traveled throughout Connecticut conducting three or four dances five or six days every week. Hal organized many trips for his senior square dance clubs. He took groups of about 200 on three or four dance trips every year. On one special trip, Hal brought over 100 dancers to Pasadena, California over New Year’s in 1985, where the group helped to place the flowers on the National Square Dance Float.


Over the years Hal has raised thousands of dollars for charities such as the United Way. Cancer Research and the American Heart Association.


Hal retired from calling at the age of 75 in 1998. At that time he was still calling for seven clubs! During Hal’s long career he has provided smiles and laughter and countless adventures to thousands of seniors. We were indeed proud to induct “Happy Hal” Petschke into the Square Dance Foundation of New England’s Hall of Fame on May 18th, 2002.


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