2003 – Bucky & *Doris Donaher (MA)

Square Dance Caller & Teacher

Bucky and Doris Donaher began dancing in 1967 with the Lofty Squares, serving as club President from 1969-71. Bucky began his calling career on November 13, 1975 when he called his first dance at Kramer’s Hayloft in S. Weymouth, MA. He called there regularly for the next 21 years. Bucky has been the caller for the Buckaroos for the past 28 years and for the Hobomock Hoedowners for 18 years. This year he will have taught his 28th class for the Buckaroos. He has called at all SEMCA dances and at all the New England Conventions since 1976 as well as the National Conventions in Charlotte and Baltimore. Bucky currently serves the Old Colony Callers Association as its President. He has untiringly promoted square dancing at numerous Father/Daughter Banquets and Beginner Nights; and by being interviewed on television for a Manchester, NH station.


Bucky has taught square dancing at public schools in Scituate, Cohasset and Harwich, as well as calling for four years at Harvard University, Curry College and Babson College. He has done countless Fun Nights for churches, Temples, civic groups, and Boy and Girl Scouts, as well as many demonstrations for fairs and nursing homes, often without compensation.


Bucky and Doris epitomize the friendly nature of square dancing to dancers from all walks of life and with varying abilities. They have spent their square dance career promoting, perpetuating and thus preserving our beloved square dance pastime. It is our great pleasure and honor to induct Bucky and Doris into New England‘s Hall of Fame.

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