2000 – Vera & Dick Smith (VT)

Round Dance Cuer & Teacher

Vera & Dick Smith began Square Dancing in 1965 with the Pieces of Eight SDC in Walpole, NH and graduated from a Round Dance class about a year later. After graduating they became involved as Vera says “by saying yes more often than no”, serving in turn all their club offices and then on to most of the offices in the regional Mountain Valley Square Dance Association. Next they were introduced to EDSARDA where she served as Secretary, Treasurer, and finally served as the first woman Chairman. Vera & Dick also became EDSARDA Delegates to the Co-Op Committee, and for several years served as Co-Op Secretary. They were the EDSARDA representatives on the committee that established the original guidelines for the operation of the New England Square and Round Dance Convention.

During this same period they served as members of the formation committee and site selection committee for the Square Dance Foundation and continue to remain with the foundation as life members. They were among the original New England delegation of “Trustees of LEGACY” in 1973 in Cleveland, OH.


When their local SID program found itself in need of a Round Dance cuer, Vera filled the void by learning to cue and teach rounds. Again-they found themselves traveling over 100 miles each way to get to the nearest HID teachers association meetings (ACCORD) where they became active members serving in many offices. After several-years they became ACCORD’s delegates to NECORTA where later Vera served two years as Chairman. They returned to the Co-op as NECORTA delegates and Vera later became Chairman of the Convention Guidelines Committee.

She has the distinction of being the only woman to serve as chairman of both the dancer and the round dance teacher/cuer associations.

Vera & Dick will be celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary in June and have raised three sons, Lyle, Edward and Peter.

Today it is our privilege to induct Vera & Dick into the Square Dance Hall of Fame.

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