2004 – Shawn Cuddy (MA)

Square Dance Caller & Teacher

Shawn began square dance calling in 1974, first at the encouragement of his parents and home club caller Bob McGowan and then under the tutelage of choreographer/caller Don Beck. During his high school and college years he actively pursued acting and musical roles in community and dinner theatre. In 1986 he began a 3-year study in voice with Dr. George Geyer in Boston MA.


Shawn has done much to further the dance activity in numerous leadership roles that include: Teen Chairman for the 31st and 32nd New England Square and Round Dance Convention, Secretary for Tri-State Callers Association, Vice President of Tri-State Callers Association, Publicity Chairman for the 1992 Square Dance Awareness Day in Boston, Clinic Chairman for 92/93 New England Council of Callers Associations, 2nd Vice President, 1st Vice President and then Director to the Square Dance Foundation of New England, Delegate and Promotion Committee Chairman to the New England Co-Op Committee, Clerk of the Guidelines Committee, Vice Chairman of the Co-Op Committee, 1995 Square Dance Programmer for the National Singles Dance-A-Rama, 98/99 Vice Chairman and 2000/01 Souvenir Program Chairman for the New England Square and Round Dance Convention. The most meaningful career role for Shawn to date has been serving as Chairman in 1999/2000 for the New England Council of Caller Associations.


He was awarded the Governor’s Citation as caller for the Teen Travelers of Lowell MA in 1987 and in 1992 he was the recipient of the Chairman’s Award for Outstanding Contribution to CALLERLAB for the design and production of “A New Song and Dance Routine” recruitment brochure. Two million copies have been distributed worldwide.


Shawn has taught square dance classes for several square dance clubs. Additionally, Shawn was founder and called for the Mainstream Brigade, a floating dance club that traveled throughout New England, where Shawn exploited the choreographic variety of the Mainstream Program while coordinating get-away weekends for this social group.


It is with great pride that we recognize Shawn for his dedication to the Square and Round Dance Community through his induction into the Hall of Fame.


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