1999 – *Lou & Ginger Brown (CA)

Round Dance Cuers & Teachers

Ginger & Lou Brown enjoyed all forms of the folk dance available in New Eng­land and from this they conceived the idea, with the help of their demonstration group the Contraband, of bringing the various groups together in one place. In 1954, the Atlantic Convention was born at Mechanic’s Hall in Boston. Thru their efforts six other conventions followed that were the basis for several conventions that are still held today including the New England Square & Round Dance Convention, Washington DC, Toronto Canada, and Delaware. The New England Convention started as the EDSARDA Festival in 1959 in Swampscott, Massachu­setts with John Kobrock as Chair and Ginger as Programmer and Halls Chair.

Lou & Ginger traveled all over Massachusetts teaching RID classes that pro­duced many of the teachers that were to follow. Their efforts on the EDSARDA Screening Committee laid the ground work for the first N.E. Classics List. Ginger’s choreographic skills not only thrilled audiences with the Contraband exhibitions across the nation but gave us round dances: Gingerbread, Linda, and Rumba diRoma.

Ginger & Lou have earned our admiration for the fine job influencing the growth of the round dance activity in New England and, with the Contraband, growth of enthusiasm for the activity across the nation. Today it is our privilege to induct Ginger & Lou into the Square Dance Hall of Fame.


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