1996 – *Jack & Rose Bright (MA)

Square Dance Caller & Teacher

At age 14, this gangly and awkward kid was told by his junior high school football coach to take dancing lessons in order to improve his coordination. He took this advice and began square dancing under Charlie Baldwin at the Norwood Grange Hall. He then met his mentor, Lou Mincone, and began what would be a 44 year career. in those years he called for many clubs; some of which include: 4-H Squares in Middleboro; Jolly Squares in E. Bridgewater; Calico Squares of E. Bridgewater; Single Squares, then of Lexington, MA; Star Bright A-1 Squares of Middleboro and most recently, the Silver City Twirlers of Taunton, MA. He was a staff caller at Square Acres in E. Bridgewater for 19 years.


He was a member of American Callers Association, NECCA, Narragansett Callers Association and at the time of his death, was President of Old Colony Callers Association.


In 1980, he began an annual dance to benefit the Joslin Diabetes Campership for Boys that still continues in his memory by the Silver City Twirlers, and has raised over $25,000 throughout the years.

John G. “Jack” Bright was a square dance caller and teacher for over 30 years. At the age of 14 his football coach encouraged him to take dancing lessons to improve his coordination. He started his dancing with Charlie Baldwin at the Norwell Grange Hall and learned the art of calling under Lou Mincone at Square Acres in East “Bridgewater, MA, where he called for 19 years.


Jack served in the U.S. Navy during the Korean Conflict and was awarded the Purple Heart and Medal of Honor. He lost his leg to diabetes. Every November, since 1980, Jack hosted a special benefit dance for the Joslin Diabetes Campership for Boys in Boston. Jack has promoted square dancing through demonstration dances, fairs, and physical education programs. He was staff caller for Square Acres, founded the Silver City Twirlers, and called at clubs throughout New England. He served as President of Old Colony Callers Association, was a member of New England Council of Callers Association, Narraganset Callers Association and CO-OP Committee. Jack was the originator of the Diamond Formation and Spin Chain the Gears pattern.


Square dancing was always Jack’s passion. He suffered a fatal heart attack while calling at SEMCA’s King and Queen Ball on Sunday, February 5, 1995. His star will always shine bright upon New England‘s square dance scene as we induct Jack Bright into New England‘s Hall of Fame.


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