2001 – Jane A. Carlson (MA)

Square Dance Caller & Teacher

International square dance caller, and caller coach both in Sweden and the United States, Jane Carlson lives in Weston, Massachusetts where she and her husband Ralph brought up 4 children – Kristina, Karin, Randolph & Andrew. Before Jane married, she was a photographer for Time & Life magazines and for New Hampshire‘s Forest & Recreation Dept. During this career she won first place in a photography show in New York City. After Ralph’s death, Jane successfully reorganized the family business. She is now Vice President of B-C-D Metal Products in Malden, MA. For Jane, square, round, and contra teaching and calling is a passion as well as a story of perseverance. She started her calling career in 1972 because she wanted to call for young people. At that time she was both a Boy Scout Master and a Girl Scout Leader. In 1984 she began calling for the Do-Si-Doers in Walpole, MA and is still calling for them. Early on Jane started a group called “Weston A Swingers” where she helped dancers who had graduated from class but didn’t feel comfortable when they went to a dance. She reinforced their dancing skills and helped many of them to succeed. Jane thrives on all forms of dance as evidenced by her contributions in a wide range of dance venues, including teaching and calling for the blind, wheelchair dancers, Boston area elementary schools, and also the Hya Club for handicapable persons. This last group has danced at 14 New England Square & Round Dance Conventions with Jane as their caller. Her expertise with both squares and contras is well known. In addition, she has brought happiness to Senior Citizens in 7 Massachusetts towns as well as to Girl Scout groups. In 1984 the happiest group consisted of 26 young Swedish men who attended her Callers School in Stockholm, Sweden. To this day, most of them have remained callers who call Basic through Challenge. Professionally, Jane is a member of CALLERLAB, CONTRALAB, Tri-State Callers, Old Colony Callers, and Vice Chairman of NECCA. Most importantly, Jane says if it weren’t for the help of many established callers, she would not be calling today. For several years now, she is attempting to return the favor, so to speak, by helping new callers who are looking for someone to show them the way. What a wonderful example of kindness, courage and perseverance! Today it is our pleasure to recognize Jane Carlson’s support of the Promotion, Preservation and Perpetuation of our Folk Dance Heritage. The Square Dance Foundation of New England proudly inducts Jane Pelham Carlson into the Hall of Fame this 19th day of May, Year 2001.


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