2000 – Ed & Joy Rutty (CT)

Square Dance Caller & Teacher

Ed and Joy Rutty began dancing in 1962, graduating after only six lessons. After some “furious” dancing for two years, Ed became “bitten by the calling bug” and became so accomplished that he actually started getting paid in 1966. Thirty-four years later, Ed is still going strong, teaching at four clubs and running a year-round, weekly workshop.  With all this, Ed and Joy were actually able to complete one of the several sets of round dance lessons they started, as well as raise four children and in Ed’s case receive twenty-four mechanical patents as an inventor! In 1972, Ed became a charter member of CALLERLAB and has through the years served on numerous committees, being honored with the association’s Quarter Century Award in 1991. He has served three separate terms as president of the Connecticut Callers & Teachers Association and called at numerous New England and National Conventions. He was appointed as Sound Chairman for the NESRDC in Waterbury, CT in 1994-95. He most recently has become active as the Caller for two senior square dance groups in 1998. With Joy’s support, Ed has taught many hundreds of dancers over more than three decades, bringing to life with his patience, warmth and humor the adage that square dancing is “friendship set to music.” It is in recognition of their many services to the Square Dance community that the SDFNE inducts them with gratitude to the New England Hall of Fame.


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