2003 – Ralph & Joan Collipi (NH)

Round Dance Cuer & Teacher

Ralph and Joan began dancing in 1969 and were teaching rounds by 1972 in their hometown, of Salem, NH. Their goal is to keep the dancers dancing and they encourage dancers to dance at the level they enjoy. Ralph and Joan are thorough teachers, always bringing humor to their lessons to keep their students relaxed and having fun. They believe that it is a leader’s obligation to fight for the activity and insist that all levels of rounds be offered at major events so that all dancers can attend, participate, and have fun.  Much more than superb and inspirational teachers to dancers and cuers alike, Ralph and Joan have served in the highest levels of leadership at the National level, where they have served as Chairman of ROUNDALAB; and the Regional level, where they are Chairman of ACCORD and have taught and been clinicians at The New England Square and Round Dance Convention for 25 years. Their wide-ranging involvement has been recognized by the bestowal of the Silver Circle Award from ROUNDALAB and the Yankee Clipper Award from The New England Square and Round Dance Cooperation Committee.


Ralph and Joan’s leadership roles during the past 31 years testify to their dedication to the dancer and to the Round Dance Activity. It brings great honor to the Square Dance Foundation to induct Ralph and Joan Collipi to New England‘s Hall of Fame.


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