1993 – *Dick & *Evelyn Doyle (MA)

Square Dance Caller & Teacher

Dick and Evelyn Doyle were a part of the revival of square dancing in New England and were pioneers in the club movement. It was in 1950 when Dick picked up a microphone and started calling. He became known as the Milton Thrush. With a solid foundation in ballroom dancing and his church choir as a background singing calls became a natural. Both Dick and Evelyn became outstanding round dance teachers and became involved with many Clubs.


Dick was an original incorporator of the New England Caller magazine and did round dance record reviews for sixteen years. The Doyle’s were charter members and Past President of the Old Colony Callers Association, a regular at Bay Path Barn, Allen Homestead and the Public House at Sturbridge Village and was one of the organizers of the Mayflower Festival.


Their impact on the New England square dance scene and their dedicated involvement in round dance teaching and cueing was significant as the two styles of dance joined hand in hand complimenting one another in a partnership that continues in our dance activity of today. The Doyle’s and round dancing are considered one and the same in a pioneering spirit that lives with us today.

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