2000 – George & Karen Kay (NH)

Square Dance Leaders

As square dance leaders, George and Karen Kay hit the ground running! After attending the Barnstormers’ class in 1979, they immediately assumed the positions of club Secretary (Karen) and Publicity Chairman (George) in 1980. A long series of leadership positions followed on the local, regional, and New England-wide levels. In fact, they have been involved in one or another board in some capacity every year right into the year 2000. Among the highlights were terms as President of NSSARDA in 1987-89; President of EDSARDA in 1993-95; Publicity Chairmen for the 32nd NESRDC in 1990; and Education Chairmen of the 40th and 41st NESRDC in 1998-99. They have also served in the totally thankless but important task of By-Laws revision for EDSARDA and Co-Op not once, but twice. Their tenures as Presidents have been marked by innovative leadership always infused by a warm sense of humor. No task they have undertaken has gone unfinished and they have provided the square and round dance activity with distinguished leadership for the past twenty years. They have somehow found the time to raise 5 children and have served as chairpersons for fundraising drives for retarded children as well as the Cancer Fund. Karen has taught Sunday school and George has attained the status of Contract Bridge Life Master. Their devotion to square and round dancing personifies all that is the best in those who seek to give back in service everything the activity has given them in enjoyment. It is an honor for the SDFNE to recognize their contributions with induction into its Hall of Fame.

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