1992 – Conrad & *Pauline Cote (NH)

Square Dance Leaders

Conrad and Pauline Cote began their square dancing career 31 years ago when they took their first lesson with the Heel and Toe SDC in Merrimack, NH. Following graduation they soon became involved in Club activities including 8 years as Publicity Chairmen.  They joined the Queen City Promenaders in 1966 while maintaining membership in their  home club. From that beginning their involvement, dedication and commitment to the activity has left its mark on the New England square dance scene. After serving on several committees they were elected Presidents of QCP in 1970. They have willingly shared their knowledge and experience in organizational skills.


The annual New England Square and Round Convention has always been a highlight of

their square dancing where they served as Secretary for the Manchester, NH bid to host the 1979-1980 conventions. Following a successful bid, General Chairman Art and Marge Dugas appointed Pauline and Conrad vice chairmen. They then became EDSARDA’s Program Chainmen and were elected Presidents in 1983. Among the many committees served included the Directory, Management Forums and the Yankee

Clipper Award.  As leaders they have been outstanding in making things happen with great vision and foresight. They were EDSARA delegates to Co-op for 13 years. In Co-op their major accomplishment was the Convention Guidelines, establishing a formal committee and developing the current convention guidelines.


The many friendships they have developed throughout New England is testimony to their strong representation of the dancer. Their enthusiasm continues to be contagious.  They are truly deserving of New England’s Hall of Fame.


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