1996 – Veronica McClure & Stephen Zisk (MA)

Round Dance Cuer & Teacher

Veronica Ann McClure began square dancing in 1964 and round dancing a year later in Baltimore, MD. She moved to Boston, MA in 1967. She was a founder of a square dance group at Massachusetts Institute of Technology known as the Tech Squares. Veronica began teaching and cueing round dances.


She is Founder and Director of Veronica’s Vagabonds. They are a very special group of round dancers who explore and share their perspectives and knowledge of dance, dance history, and interpretation. They have danced in numerous states for a broad spectrum of audiences, under a wide diversity of circumstances. This includes many appearances at festivals and conventions, along with historical dance presentations.


Veronica’s main thrust has been round dancing as an activity of fun, joy, and personal development. She has cued, taught, demonstrated, and conducted workshops and classes on rounds, in addition to being involved in other dance forms and dance history. She has taught dance to senior citizens, visually handicapped and other agency groups. A researcher, organizer, and leader of historical dance programs. She is recognized as an astute and knowledgeable dance historian. She has been involved with LEGACY, NECCA, ACCORD, NECRTA, MEHPER, Foundation, ROUNDALAB, Universal Round Dance Council, and the Council of Research on Dance. Veronica’s husband, Stephen Zisk, shares her interest and actively assists her in various dance activities.


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