2002 – *Bill & *Marge Headen (RI)

Round Dance Cuer & Teacher

Marge and Bill Headen began square dancing in 1959 with the Northern Stars SDC. Their leadership abilities were quickly discovered and they became president of the club shortly thereafter. After moving to Greenwich, Rhode Island, they joined the Whirl-A-Ways SDC. In 1970 they started round dancing with Bill and Jill Caldarone with the Spur Rounders RDC and then attended a round dance teachers class in 1973 held by Bill & Jill. Since Marge had a better memory for round dance routines, she became the cuer. In 1974 they introduced rounds to their square dance club and became the club round dance cuer and teacher – where they still cue and teach rounds. They now serve as club president, and publish the club newsletter.


They joined the Rhode Island Round Dance Teachers Association in 1976, where, over the years they have served in all offices and are now currently serving as Secretary and Delegate to the New England Council of Round Dance Teacher Associations (NECORTA).


During their years as a Delegate of NECORTA, they served as Vice-Chairman (1979), Chairman (1980-82, 1990-91) the Round Dance Screening Committee (1987-89), the Convention Guidelines Committee, and as NECORTA representatives to the CO-Operation Committee (CO-OP) since 1981. As a Delegate to the CO-OP Committee, Bill has served as Treasurer since 1992 to the present.


They have attended and participated in every New England Square and Round Dance Convention since 1974, and were Round Dance Registration Chairman for the conventions in Providence for 1983 and 1984.


They are members of ROUNDALAB for more than 25 years, and have received their “Maestro Award” for 25 years of teaching.


Marge and Bill have been married over 52 years. During that time, they raised four children, Jeanne, Donna, William, and Ronald, all the while being active in PTA, Brownies and Girl Scouts, and Church Youth Group activities.


Marge and Bill are very strong supporters of our New England Square and Round Dance Community. It is our privilege to induct them into the Square Dance Foundation of New England’s Hall of Fame this 18th day of May, 2002.


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