2001 – *Lawrence V. Loy (MA)

Square Dance Caller & Teacher

On March 10, 1955 at the age of 47 Lawrence succumbed to a heart attack. The next day at a recreational conference a tribute in his memory was given which we once again repeat. “In nearly 20 years Lawrence V. Loy served the Commonwealth of Massachusetts as Extension Professor in charge of Youth Programs at the University of Massachusetts. He inspired thousands of people, of all ages, with the spirit of youth, and instructed them in the intricacies of dance. His fame and influence reached the distant comers of the world. His technical expertise was heightened in potency by virtue of his vibrant albeit dignified personality and self-sacrificing consecrations to his art.” Lawrence gave generously of his time and enthusiasm to further the cause of wholesome community recreation. His devotion to the youth, the lilt of his songs, the joy of his games, the full souled sway of his dances, and friendly enjoyment of simple everyday group activities enriched and inspired the lives of others. He founded the U Mass Country Dance Festival, Old Colony Callers & Teachers Association, the New England Recreational Leaders Laboratory, the New England Young Men’s and Women’s Conference, and recorded on Columbia Records. His leadership was unassuming but effective. It was little friendly deeds that made Lawrence Loy big in the world of square dance. Today we honor his memory by induction into our Hall of Fame.


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