2000 – Dave & Barbara Hass (CT)

Square Dance Caller & Teacher

In 1953, at the age of 16, Dave Hass began square dance calling under-the direction of 1. Bard McNulty. By age 20, he had started 2 square dance clubs in CT: Belltown Squares of E. Hampton & the C- Twirlers of Co1chester. In addition, he was hired by 7 square dance clubs in CT and by 1 in Westfield, MA to be their club caller-teacher. From 1969 to the present he is still the caller for the Guilford Shorelines SDC. Dave was already a caller when he met Barbara. They both were born and grew up in Meriden, CT. After their wedding on Oct. 01, 1960 – they had many memorable firsts. The best being their children Deborah, Stephen & Scott. Dave was one of the first callers to use “hash calls”. He was introduced at a benefit dance as Dave “Hash” Hass by Pop Euston, a CT caller and Congregational minister – and the name “fit”, Dave has used it every since. He started the 1st CT Square Dance Weekend in 1961 at the YMCA camp in Holbrook, Ct along with callers Stan Burdick and Charlie Baldwin. Dave was one of the callers who started the Square Dance Fiesta in 1965 at Papoose Pond Campground in No. Waterford, ME. Along with caller, Ed Rutty, he started a March Square Dance Weekend in 1971 at East Hill Farm in Troy, NH, which lasted for 25 years. Besides his renown as a caller all over New England & Canada, he is well known for calling Progressive Squares which he started doing in 1968. At one of the New England Square Dance Conventions, Caller Charlie Baldwin invited him to call Progressive Squares for over 100 squares of dancers. In the 70’s, Dave organized 2 more clubs: Experimental Squares & Fun Squares of East Hampton. He has taken dancers to dance at the New York World’s Fair, on board the QEII for a square dance cruise to San Juan & St.Thomas, & joined Chip Hendrickson in calling at the Lincoln Center in NYC as well as calling on board the Star of Honolulu at the Trailout Dance following the Aloha State Festival. In 1998 & 1999, Dave called and was on the Staff of the Aloha State Festival. He also has called at National Sq. Dance Conventions, New England Sq. & Rd. Dance Conventions, CT Square Dance Festivals, & at Trail-out Dances following the NESRDC. As a member of CALLERLAB, past Treas. of NECCA & currently a Director, & having held every office of the CT Callers &Teachers Association, Dave has served on many committees and panels. He & Barbara are currently Life Members of the SDFNE. We are pleased to recognize Dave & Barbara Hass’ support of the Promotion, Preservation & Perpetuation of our Folk Dance Heritage. The SDFNE proudly inducts them into the Hall of Fame this 20th day of May, Yr. 2000.


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