1999 – Carol Paris (NH)

Square Dance Leader

Carol Paris’ self-described “adventure” in the Square and Round Dance activity began with a two-month “introduction” with the Strolling Solos of Medford, Massachusetts in 1979. She liked it well enough to graduate from the Single Eights Class in 1980, and she has been going strong ever since! Carol immediately became involved with her Club as Class Coordinator in 1980, and has since served seven terms as President. During the same time, she has also assumed the duties of Club Programmer, ensuring that Callers and Cuers were retained for Club and Class dances, for the past seventeen years. This devotion to her Club was recognized when Carol was awarded a lifetime membership in 1993. Her activities, however, did not stop on the Club level. She served as Singletons Chairman for the New England Convention in 1990, and as Vice President of NSSARDA in 1992. This extensive activity on the local and regional levels helped to prepare Carol for her position as General Chairman of the 25th National Single Square Dance, USA, Dance-A-Rama in 1995, where her leadership skills were responsible for spearheading the only national convention New England has ever hosted! Most recently, she has served as the Secretary for the 1998-1999 New England Convention. She has also successfully raised four children: Patricia, John, Donna and Nancy. Carol has brought a wonderful combination of skill, professionalism and a sense of humor to her dancing activities. She has always been willing to take on the extra job, and do it thoroughly. Her extensive involvement on the local, regional and national levels of the Square and Round Dance activity are gratefully acknowledged by dancers everywhere, and it is a real privilege to honor her dedication and ability today with induction into the Square Dance Foundation Hall of Fame.

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