2011 – Birgit & Richard Maguire (MA)

Birgit and Richard started square dancing in 1970 at Kramer’s Hayloft with Art Nurse, but the love of dancing started much earlier with Birgit. Birgit’’s love for dancing started when she was made an assistant teacher at Valdemar Sejr’s Institute of Ballroom Dancing, Copenhagen, Denmark in 1950. Graduating from square dance class in 1971 with the Square Saints, Birgit and Richard went on to serve as club president from 1974 to 1977. During this time they started and, until 1999, ran square dance weekends with Dick Pells and later Bucky Donaher. In 1976, Birgit and Richard were part of the organizing group of SEMCA.
In 1976, they started round dance lessons with Leo and Edie Mathieu. They enjoyed it so much, Birgit started cuing and teaching rounds in 1977 with the Rocking Squares Teen Club in Weymouth, and the Hobomock Hoedowners in Marshfield, MA. In 1978 they became members of Mayflower Round Dance Teachers Association and served as chairman from 1985 thru 2003. They continue today as secretary and treasurer. In 1978, they started the Breasy Rounds Round Dance Club which also continues today.
Birgit and Richard are members of ROUNDALAB, serving on numerous committees. They have written articles for and presented seminars at ROUNDALAB conventions. They are delegates to and members of NECORTA and have served as secretary, vice-chairman, and chairman numerous times. They also serve as delegates to CO-OP and to the New England Square Dance Foundation. Birgit and Richard have taken part in every New England Convention since 1972 except one, taught at 9 conventions and have served Round Dance Chairman at 2. They have attended and taught at 11 National Conventions and 3 Canadian Conventions. The list of accomplishments and dedication to the square and round dance community continue, covering more than 40 years of service.
Birgit and Richard truly do preserve, promote and perpetuate square and round dancing in New England. Welcome to the Square Dance Foundation of New England Hall of Fame.

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