1992 – Howard & Cynthia Metcalf (MA)

Square Dance Leaders

Howard and Cynthia Metcalf are truly pioneers of the New England square dance scene. Every once in a while someone comes on the scene who in their quiet and steadfast way contributes to the direction and growth of an activity through their involvement. We are privileged to have amongst us such a couple in the person of Howard and Cynthia.


Howard and Cynthia’s adventure into square dancing began with a girl scout troop. The introduction of dance led to organizing teaching sessions at the Brockton Y.M.C.A.  Charlie Baldwin was contacted to conduct Friday evening dances at the “Y” which grew in popularity. Howard was Chairman of the “Y” group responsible for a series of successful dances.  It included live radio broadcast.  The radio broadcasts led to

Charlie Baldwin directing a dance program for the Brockton Fair which became the major attraction of the Fair for many years.


The MetcalfÂ’s were instrumental in the organization of the Bay State Square and Folk Dance Association to accommodate the sponsorship of traveling callers supported by area dancers.


      A number of Callers started publishing a newsletter announcing their dances.  It was Howard Metcalf who urged the consolidation of a newsletter into a single publication giving it the name of the “New England Caller” and designed the logo. Cynthia served as its secretary. The birth of a square dance magazine was a major factor in the growth of the square dance activity in the New England Region.  The pebbles cast upon the waters by the MetcalfÂ’s rippled out with far ranging results in spreading the word about the wonderful world of square dancing. They were a catalyst from which a surge of growth in the activity exploded upon the scene. We recognize them as grass roots contributors to the square dance activity and appropriately induct them into our Hall of Fame.


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