2001 – Paul & Pat Channell (MA)

Square Dance Caller/Teacher & Round Dance Cuer/Teacher

In visiting the Channell’s involvement in the Square and Round Dance activity you will find it embedded deep in their personal history. It all began when Paul learned to dance and call under the tutelage of Lawrence Loy, while attending the University of Massachusetts where he met Pat at a function. Paul’s primary calling interest was with children, although he did venture into many other arenas of calling. Pat became a proficient cuer when Paul passed her the mike as she progressed to International cueing status. Their involvement with clubs, organization start ups and past conventions are immense and too numerous to mention. They both worked towards creating greater visibility to square and round dancing with emphasis on the fun and friendship of the activity. A tribute to their impact on the activity is attested to their namesake the Channell Swingers and the Channelliers from which long lasting friendships blossomed. In Paul’s retired years he has rendered significant service to SDFNE by cataloging our vast music record collection. The Channell’s, having lived a dance oriented lifestyle are dedicated to the preservation of this great activity. As they progressed quietly and with little notoriety through the dance activity as a labor of love their influence has been greatly felt. It is fitting and with great pride that in the year of their 50th wedding anniversary, we recognize their lifelong commitment and efforts by induction into. our Hall of Fame.


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