2008 – John & *Bea Hendron (MA)

Square Dance Caller

John started Square Dancing in 1947 and has been providing leadership and enjoyment to the square dance community ever since.  John taught himself to call in 1954 and has gone on to become one of the preeminent callers for New England.  Recognized nationally, John has participated in numerous conventions in New England and Canada to state festivals in Alabama, Arizona, Florida and Indiana to local festivals in Wisconsin, North Carolina, Virginia, California, Arizona, Georgia, New York, Texas, Florida, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Ohio, New Jersey, and Colorado. 


John began teaching Square Dancing in 1954 with his first graduating class forming his first club, the Square-of-Kays.  Additional clubs founded by John were the Gay Promenaders SDC and the Odd’s & Ends SDC in the Chicago area, and the Lamplighters SDC of Springfield, Ma.  John has been the club caller for the Lamplighters, the Windsor Old Towner’s, the Seaside Steppers, Fairs’N Squares, the Astrals, the Cosmos, the Jets, John’s Monday Nighters, Gloucester Skippers, Hogues Rouges, Homestead Squares, Minutemen Squares, the Prancers, Riverside, Rocketeers, and the Yankee Twirlers. 


John has recorded 37 records with labels from Flip Records, Lore Records, Longhorn Records, Red Boot Records and Jay-Bar-Kay Records.  John was selected as one of several national callers to call on the Sets in Order recordings. 


Over 60 years of devotion to the Square Dance community, John is a shinning example to the Preservation, Promotion and Perpetuation of Square Dancing.  It is my privilege to induct you into the Square Dance Foundation of New England’s Hall of Fame.





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