1993 – *John & *Isabel Kobrock (MA)

Square Dance Leaders

The presence of John and Isabel Kobrock on the dance floor was distinguished with grace and style that made them outstanding dancers and considered by those who knew them as the first lady and gentleman of square dancing in this region. Despite the fact that they shyed away from publicity they made frequent press because of their dancing travels and activities. They displayed an unselfish devotion to helping others in the square dance field and were truly dance ambassadors of good will. They enjoyed the fast western squares and rounds equally and attended numerous National Conventions. As President of the Foundation for Square Dancing John organized and brought us the Atlantic Square Dance Conventions from 1955 through 1960 appearing in Boston, MA, Washington, D.C., and Atlantic City, N.J. He was involved in the organization of the Eastern District Square and Round Dance Association and served as its first President from 1957 through 1960. John’s skillful handling of EDSARDA. in its formative years, coupled with his keen sense of what was needed to ensure the growth of square dancing in New England, played a great part in the regions dance success history. From the Atlantic Conventions to EDSARDA’s first Festival and through New England‘s first square dance organizations their dynamic leadership introduced to the East coast and New England the western style of square dance.

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