1996 – Art & Marge Dugas (NH)

Square Dance Leaders

The Dugas’s came into the square dance activity as round dancers. It all began in Maine. Their children were involved in a school band and a uniform fund raiser was a round dance. It then followed that they became square dancers. In 1967 they moved to Manchester, NH, where over the next 25 years as members of the Allemande 8¬ís served on various committees, Board of Directors, and twice as President and Treasurer.


Their leadership role expanded as they served on a Convention Screening Committee, as General Chairman of the 20th and 21st New England Square and Round Dance Convention, at a time when attendance was close to 10,000 dancers. After an extremely successful convention they became involved with the Square Dance Foundation of New England, serving as Vice President for seven terms, as President for two terms, and Chaired the Board of Trustees for three years, the Library/Museum building renovation committee for four years. They continue today as a Director and serve on the Library/Museum Operations Committee.


In recent years served as Registration Chairman to the 1992 – 93 New England Square and Round Dance Convention and are newly appointed to the Convention Guidelines Committee.


The Dugas’s are known, not only for their common sense innovative approaches, but for also being hands on people. Their leadership style has been by example and working shoulder to shoulder with others to accomplish a given task. They have given of their time and talent over the years to an activity they dearly love. This unselfish dedication is now recognized through their induction into New England‘s Hall of Fame.

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