1992 – *Charles & *Bertha Baldwin (MA)

Square Dance Caller & Teacher

Charlie was founder and editor of the New England Caller magazine which played a significant role in the development of the square dance activity. A square dance caller and teacher since 1940 he has been recognized and honored with many awards on the local and National level.


Charlie was a leader in the organization and promotion of square dancing in New England and across the Country. His spirit, energy, enthusiasm, dedication and love of the activity and his fellow man pioneered the togetherness of the square dance activity. Bertha was his loyal supporter and always by his side.  He was the great communicator for square dancing and above all everyone’s friend.  

He was one of the Founders and first President of the Square Dance Foundation of New England. On this day, May 9th, 1992 New England‘s Dance Archive Center is dedicated and henceforth shall be known as the Charlie and Bertha Baldwin Library and Museum and our first inductee into our Hall of Fame in recognition of their contribution to the square dance activity.

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