2004 – *Art & Pat Anthony (RI)

Square Dance Caller/Teacher & Round Dance Cuer/Teacher

Art and Pat Anthony are a Special Caller-Cuer Team! Their many volunteer contributions are well known. They are always willing to not only help, but to take on leadership roles in the best interests of square and round dancing.


The Anthony’s began their Rhode Island dance heritage back in 1955, with Dick Leger and the Rhody Merrymakers. It is obvious they were “hooked” from the start. Art started calling in 1959. He and Pat became Club Caller and Cuer for the Eden Park Hoedowners in 1960, when they took over the duties of their teachers, Ray and Claire Anderson. These “Rhody Rovers” have called all over New England as well as being Club Caller for The Holden Hoedowners in MA, The Twirley Tops in Blackstone, MA, and The Western Whirlers in Cranston, RI. Their Summertime Fun dances, started with the Alexander’s and the Juaire’s, are still on-going in Esmond, RI.



As members of the Narragansett Callers Association since 1960, they have served in all the leadership positions and are once again President. They have chaired NCA’s Annual Spring Swing for the last 8 years, and in 2003 organized NCA’s 50th Anniversary Gala.

Art has been NECCA Treasurer for ten years. He is also a delegate to CO-OP. Both are past Vice_ Presidents of the Square Dance Foundation of New England. They belong to numerous professional organizations including CALLERLAB and ROUNDALAB, and are Advisors to the recently formed Square Dance Foundation of Rhode Island. For the last 2 years, Pat has been President of the Rhode Island Round Dance Teacher’s Association.


The Anthony’s received the Yankee Clipper Award in Yr 2000 recognizing their ever continuing contributions to the square and round dance community. It is an honor to have Art and Pat inducted into the Square Dance Foundation of New England Hall of Fame.


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