2002 – Mil & Anna Dixon (MA)

Square Dance Caller & Teacher

Mil and Anna Dixon took square dance lessons in 1968 that were sponsored by the Checkmates SDC in Reading, MA. Mil expressed a desire to learn to call even before the lessons were over. For 1 1/2 years he attended a caller school by caller, Art Nurse of Wollaston, MA. Upon completing his training, he organized and taught square dancing and round dancing to 4 teen groups in Massachusetts: Checknights in Reading, Rainbow Strollers in Winchester, Dynomite Squares in Stoneham, and Sachems in Saugus. Over the years Mil was hired to call or to cue at many New England clubs.

In 1971, at the age of 46, Mil began his calling career. He was caller-teacher for 3 clubs in Massachusetts: Cosmopolitan SDC in Wakefield, Calico Steppers in Lawrence, and Great Plain Squares in Needham. In 1976 he started a camp and dance week for square dance class graduates in Maine. He called a “fun night” for United Nations’ members and families in New York. And since 1971 he has volunteered to call at 32 consecutive New England Square & Round Dance Conventions. From 1986 to the present he teaches, calls, and cues for seniors at the Jenks Ctr in Winchester, MA. He also teaches and calls for the HYA, handicapable young adults, who also dance in Winchester.

In 1995 Mil received Callerlab’s Quarter Century Award. In 1999 Mil and Anna received the Yankee Clipper Award for distinguished service to Square and Round Dancing in New England.

Anna was elected president of the Square Dance Foundation of New England, Inc. in 1994, which gave Mil the title of “First Gentleman.” Their leadership has helped chart the organization’s course toward safe waters, and the re-opening of the Foundation’s Charlie and Bertha Baldwin Library/Museum in Manchester, NH. In 1997 Anna produced and hosted a television program featuring square dancing and square dance costumes. She has also been the fashion show Commentator for 15 New England Square & Round Dance Conventions. Since 1995 Anna has been editor of the “Foundation News.”

The Dixons have 6 children: Marla, Roberta, Jonathan, Amy, Diana and Gregory. Mil enjoyed calling square dances for church groups, girl scouts, brownies, PTO’s, corporations and private parties, and did volunteer demonstrations at schools and colleges, fairs and festivals, town celebrations and parades – and he is still doing all these activities.

The Dixons are members of Tri-State Callers Assoc., North of Boston Callers Assoc., NECCA, Callerlab, Roundalab, ACCORD, NECORTA, NEFFA, and the SDFNE, as well as delegates to CO-OP. Mil was Chairman of NECCA (1982-84). From 1973 to the present, they have held positions of leadership in many of these organizations.

We are pleased and proud to induct Mil and Anna Dixon into the Square Dance Foundation of New England’s Hall of Fame this 18th day of May, in the year 2002.

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