1994 – *Howard & *Marian Hogue (MA)

Square Dance Caller & Teacher

Howard Hogue, affectionately known as “Hogie”, had a major influence on the advancement of Square Dancing in New England. His generosity, unselfishness and thoughtfulness were his hallmark. For over a decade Howard’s energy and influence played a very large part in the growth of square dancing. His name was associated with just about every first that took place in square dancing in Eastern Massachusetts.


        From dancer to caller, he taught classes, founded clubs, nourished dancers, taught teens and juniors, co-founded the New England Caller magazine and was a Charter member of Old Colony Callers Association.


Hogie realized his dream in the building of a square dance barn known far and wide as “Square Acres” in 1953. This facility became the largest dance barn in New England hosting callers and dancers from throughout New England and the United States. Thousands of dancers were taught by the great staff of callers he assembled.


It was here that the 2 x 2 round and square dance programs were introduced. His vision and faith in square dancing emphasized the fun and fellowship that we have all come to cherish in this great activity. From the “Square Acres” dance barn to the Foundation’s dance barn Howard is very much at home in New England‘s Hall of Fame.

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