1993 – Al & *Bea Brundage (CT)

Square Dance Caller & Teacher

Al Brundage was inspired to square dance calling through 4-H club work when a lad of fifteen. In the early days his mother, a pianist. was the guiding hand. He called square dances during his high school and college days. Owner of the Country Barn in Stepney, Connecticut, visitors were always welcomed and assured a good time. AI is one of those whose experience has successfully bridged the period from the traditional square dance era, before microphones and recorded accompaniment, to today’s modern western style of square dancing. Endless time was spent on home club activities, caller clinics and schools, festivals and conventions and the organization of tours. The boundless energy and devotion to the activity of AI and Bea Brundage extended itself to the encouragement of new callers and pioneering in the field of recorded calling.


Recognized throughout the Square Dance World for outstanding achievement and contribution many awards have come their way. The Square Dance Foundation of New England is proud and honored to include Al and Bea Brundage in it’ s New England Hall of Fame. Their pioneering spirit has truly left its mark on the New England scene in the promotion, preservation and perpetuation of our dance heritage.

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