1985 – Ed & *Peg Fenton

photo-fentonSquare Dance Leaders

The Square and Round Dance Movement cannot continue to exist without the dedication of the dancer who volunteers his time, his energy and even his money to promote the activity.  Ed and Peg

Fenton are perfect examples of that type of dedicated people. Ones who thoroughly enjoy an activity and in return, give many hours, and in this case many years of their time and energy to promote the Square and Round Dance Movement.

Ed and Peg started dancing in 1962 when they took lessons with the Friendly Mixers of Warwick, Rhode Island and are still active members, having served on innumerable committees and held many offices including President in 1974 – 1975. Peg has been Treasurer of the Rhode Island Federation of Square and Round Dance Clubs for several years. In 1973 – 1974 they were Treasurers of the New England Square and Round Dance Convention held in Providence and they are again serving in that capacity in 1985 – 1986.

They have served as Treasurers of EDSARDA for the past 10 years, are delegates to CO-OP and Life Members of the New England Square Dance Foundation.

Ed is a retired U. S. Marine Warrant Officer who served two separate tours of duty.

He is also retired from the U.S. Rubber Company.

They are both active in Politics. Ed has served on Ward and City Committees in Providence and at present, works for the Tax Assessors office of the city of Providence. He has served in many offices of the Washington Park Community Association, and has served on the Board and as a Trustee of the Providence YMCA. He is also active in his church.

Peg in addition to being involved in Politics, works for her church and the diocese.

Ed is an enthusiastic marathoner, running in several different classes and has many trophies in his collection to indicate that he does very well.

Ed and Peg Fenton well deserve the Yankee Clipper Award. They represent the dedicated Dancer who is willing to enjoy the activity and give of themselves that others may also share in the friendship and enjoyment of the Square and Round Dance Movement.

April 27th, 1985.

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