1983 – *Dick & *Carol Steele

photo-steeleSquare Dance Caller & Teacher

Over 32 years of teaching people to square dance calls for a love and dedication to the activity which is characteristic of Dick and Carol.

Dick was introduced to square dancing in 1946 and started calling one night stands to live music in 1948. Following the acquisition of a public address system it opened up a whole new dimension in calling and he traveled all over New England regularly and into New York and Canada, promoting square dancing wherever he went.

In 1951 Dick and Carol started a beginnerÂ’s class in Lexington which expanded to four groups at different levels and which in 1961 organized as the Minute Men Squares.

During this time Dick was spearheading the square dance movement on the North Shore and has served as president of the Old Colony Callers Association, a member of EDSARDA and charter member of the New England Square Dance Foundation, the North of Boston Callers Association and the New England Folk Festival Association.

When the EDSARDA FESTIVAL was organized 25 years ago, Dick was on the Callers Staff and called at a number of subsequent Festivals.

During the 35 years of calling, he has graduated untold thousands to the joys and fellowship of square dancing. After retiring in 1973 he also retired from traveling long distances and now specializes in teaching beginners, five nights a week for five different clubs.

He was also willing to donate his time to benefit dances and always taught easy rounds and mixers to his beginners and promoted rounds as he believes they are a requirement for a successful club.

In private life he served as a Lieutenant in Naval Aviation during the war and is a licensed pilot. As a champion swimmer in college he was captain of the swim team. He served for many years as physical education teacher in Quincy and introduced his students to square dancing. His hobbies are woodworking and carving and he keeps fit by walking three miles a day and exercising on a regular basis.

“Beside good exercise and mental challenge, the most rewarding aspects of square dancing are the friendships made” says Dick, and he and Carol are proud to have been a part of this great activity and to have seen the growth over the whole United States, as Square Dancing has become the National Dance of the Country.

Dick and Carol well deserve the Yankee Clipper Award. April 23, 1983

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