1986 – Tom & Barbara Potts

photo-pottsSquare Dance Caller & Teacher

The Square and Round Dance Movement requires the efforts of many people in all aspects of the activity. Some in the limelight and others, working behind the scenes to keep things running smoothly and on track.

Tom and Barbara Potts have been consistent leaders in the New England Square and Round Dance Community for more than 25 years. They have been advocates, initiators, founding members and officers of many of the organizations which serve the callers and cuers.

Graduating from the first class of the Barnstormers’ Square Dance Club in 1958, they have been associated with the club since that time.  They have been club Round Dance Teachers and Cuers for 26 years and Tom was recently honored for his 25th Anniversary as club Square Dance Caller.

Tom and Barbara’s biggest contribution to the Square and Round Dance Community has been their participation in the organizations that serve the callers and cuers. They were among those who helped get many of these groups off the ground. They have been involved as founding members and are still active in the following associations: ­ 1960 – Tri State Callers; 1966 – ACCORD; 1969 – NECORTA; 1977­ ROUNDALAB.            They are members of NECCA; CO-OP; CALLERLAB; Charter Members of LEGACY and the New England Square Dance Foundation. Over the years they have served as officers and on many committees for these groups. Barbara has been chairperson of the NECCA sponsored Leadership Conference since 1978.

Not only have they had time to raise five children during these years, but have been active in community service. Tom has been a member of the Rowley Planning Board for the past ten years. He is presently on the Nashoba Valley Regional High School Advisory Board as well as being on the Rowley Boy Scout Commission.  Barbara has been an active member and past President of the Rowley Garden Club.

Tom and Barbara have twice been selected as Round Dance Teachers of the month and featured in “Sets in Order” and the “American Square Dance Magazine”.

Tom and Barbara well deserve the Yankee Clipper Award. They represent the dedicated leader who is willing to take on many behind the scene tasks, which are so necessary in any successful activity.

They are “Doers” not just “Joiners”.

April 26th, 1986

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