2008 – Johnny & Barbara Wedge

photo-wedgeSquare Dance Caller

Johnny & Barbara Wedge have been active participants in New England square and round dancing for more than forty years. During more than half of this time John has been an officer in one or more New England dance organizations. The Wedges have served on three New England Square and Round Dance Convention Committees and Johnny is the caller programmer for this Convention.


Johnny learned to call nearly fifty years ago while stationed in Texas as a member of the United States Air Force. When his assignment returned him to New England he formed the Friendly Folks Club in Chelsea. He later founded the Shufflin’ Shoes in Billerica and continues today as club caller for the Baldwin Apples in Woburn.


The Sunday dance schedule of the Shufflin’ Shoes curtailed the Wedges involvement in square and round dance organizations but, when their Sundays became available, they soon made up for lost time. John has held every office in Tri-State Callers Association and has been Chairman and Treasurer of the New England Council of Callers Associations. He has been Vice Chair and is now the Chairman of the Co-operation Committee. John has also helped the Square Dance Foundation of New England move into the age of technology and has spent many hours on this work.


John served in the Air Force for eight years and during that time he was a local and state leader in the Boy Scouts of America. John and Barbara have both been active and still maintain a busy schedule of service in their church.


The Yankee Clipper Award Committee is pleased to recognize this long history of service with the presentation of the 2008 Yankee Clipper Award.


Presented April 26, 2008 in Sturbridge, Massachusetts


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