2005 – Square Riggers SDC

photo-square-riggersSquare & Round Dance Club

Throughout the years the square dance club, created and run by the dancers, has played an important role in our modern square dance movement.

         The Square Riggers Square Dance Club of Natick and Wellesley, Massachusetts is such a club. Celebrating their fortieth year they have done all of the things most clubs traditionally do. They have sponsored classes, workshops, club dances, class balls and participated in demonstrations, parades and banner raids.

        Their Executive Board is unique in that most positions have an assistant. There is also a couple on the board, elected by the graduating class, to represent the new club members. Prior to the annual meeting a document known as the “Blue Book” is published containing reports from officers, a schedule of the next year’s activities and the names and addresses of their members.

Sociability has played an important part in Square Riggers success. This is a club that travel and play together. They run a members only square dance weekend each year plus an annual “non-dancing” event that has contributed to many lasting friendships.

   The Square Riggers also host a fall plus level tune-up day. This program is designed to provide a relaxed atmosphere where dancers, in one afternoon, get a review of the entire Plus Program.

Many consider one of the greatest public square dance showcases, in recent memory, to be the Square Dance Awareness Day which was held at City Hall Plaza in Boston, Massachusetts. The first one held in September, 1988 drew over twelve hundred dancers from throughout New England and over one thousand spectators. The event was conceived and coordinated by the Square Riggers Square Dance Club, with the support of many other square dance organizations, and was held successfully for five years.

   The Square Riggers have also been supportive of area associations and its members have served on Leadership Panels and have held various positions in these associations.

         The New England Square & Round Dance Cooperation Committee, acting on behalf of the Square Dancers Of New England, is proud to present the Yankee Clipper Award to the Square Riggers Square Dance Club.

GIVEN AT BRATTLEBORO, VERMONT                                                   

APRIL 23, 2005

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