1995 – Bill & Jill Calderone

Round dance Cuers & Teachers

Bill and Jill Calderone are known nationwide as the composers of the Round Dance “Cab Driver”.


At home they are known particularly for their compassion and willingness to use square and round dancing as a means to provide pleasure for the elderly and emotionally disturbed children.

They have received several awards from the city of Cranston, the State of Rhode Island, and the American Association of Retired Persons for their outstanding service.


        Bill and Jill began square dancing in 1940 while Bill was serving in the Marine Corps.

        As dancers, they have belonged to, and served as officers of several clubs.  Bill has been calling for over thirty years.


Together, Bill and Jill founded the Golden Spurs Square Dance Club and the Spur Rounders Round Dance Club. Bill was the square dance caller and Jill the round dance teacher for these groups. They also ran one of the first Round Dance Teachers Schools in New England.

They have served as Presidents of the Narragansett Callers Association and were one of the founders of the Rhode Island Round Dance Teachers Association.


The New England Square & Round Dance Cooperation Committee presents this award in recognition of your devotion and dedication to the Square and Round Dance activity.






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